Much Ado About Nothing: Plot Analysis

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Shakespearean plays are possibly the most well known plays to ever exist. This is because his writings are filled with elements that mix comedy and drama together. For the time, his writings portrayed what the sixteenth century was really like and showed us readers the hardships and tragedies that could have occurred. Many of his plays have gone down in history and are very well known. Hamlet is considered one of his best tragedies for many reasons. Hamlet’s main character is very maniacal and deals with conflicts to his King and himself. He steals the show and is the center of attention throughout the entire story. The reader can sympathize with him because he’s practically the narrator. There isn’t really a narrator in the story but he serves …show more content…
The setting of a story is determined by the mood or tone of the story. If it’s a serious tragedy, then the setting might consist of a graveyard or something else associated with death. Hamlet’s story mainly takes place in a castle, a very general and normal setting for a tragedy. Much Ado About Nothing takes place in Italy, at one of the character’s houses. When comparing both of these settings, there is an obvious difference. One of the settings is more light-hearted than the other but both are housing grounds for the main characters and the central setting where everything starts or takes place. Much Ado About Nothing is more modern than Hamlet as it’s setting shows that it’s story is dealing with more general problems like romance or relationships. Hamlet deals with romance as well but not in the same mood as Much Ado About Nothing. As mentioned before, since one of the stories is a comedy and the other is a tragedy, both deal with their conflicts differently. They may have similar conflicts but they deal with them in different ways reflected by their moods. Romance is one of the conflicts affected by mood. A castle is filled with acts of chivalry whereas a house is just a house. Anything can happen in a house but Much Ado About Nothing wants to use it as a key factor for its romance conflicts. Hamlet uses its setting of a castle for its conflicts of death and the truth. Hamlet uses the setting of a castle to form its plot as the old King has been killed by the new King and Hamlet wants to get revenge. Since Hamlet lives in a time where everyone obeys the higher being, in this case the King, he has to prove that he is guilty of murder by

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