Revenge And Betrayals In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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William Shakespeare’s Hamlet was considered a prominent play across the world. Hamlet is a well-known play in modern European culture and has been performed throughout the centuries in many countries. Moreover, it has a great deal of death. All the royals die, which leave no one to rule Denmark. Hamlet, contains retaliation, murder and treason, unfulfilled endearment, and insanity. Also, there were many forms of betrayal by the characters. The betrayal of Ophelia, Gertrude, and Hamlet himself caused an entire family to fall.
Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire, England. No one necessarily knows the proper birth date of Shakespeare, but most believe he was born April 23, 1564. However, he was baptized in the Holy Trinity
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The deceased King told Hamlet that it was his uncle Claudius that had murdered him by pouring poison in his ear to steal his throne. Therefore, the ghost makes Hamlet vow to take revenge on his uncle, which Hamlet agrees to do. When Hamlet was finished talking with his father, he went inside to tell Horatio and the night guards not to say anything to anyone about what they saw. Hamlet has not been acting normally, which caused many people to questioned his behavior. In addition, they did not know that Hamlet was planning to make a play demonstrating what his uncle had done. However, Hamlet’s uncle, King Claudius, used Hamlet’s friend from school named Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to discover what was wrong with his nephew. Therefore, when his friends tried to discover the reason for his insanity they could not find any. Meanwhile, Polonius thinks Hamlet is insane thinking it is due to his daughter Ophelia, who had rejected Hamlet’s love. Therefore, Polonius decided to set Ophelia on Hamlet by leaving them alone. When Hamlet was alone with Ophelia, Polonius was watching both along with Claudius to hear and observe them having a conversation. Hamlet had now decided to ask the players if they can play the tragedy of his father’s death, while he tries to observe Claudius’s reaction. In addition, Hamlet prepares his play and calls it the Mouse …show more content…
As the play began, Hamlet’s mother and uncle became angry for different reasons. Claudius began to feel guilty of killing his brother. Another was that his mother Gertrude felt guilty for remarrying after her husband 's death. Meanwhile, Claudius decided that he will get rid of Hamlet by shipping him to England. After the play Hamlet’s mother, called him to her room. Polonius was hiding behind the curtain listening to Hamlet and his mother arguing. Polonius had thought Gertrude was crying, so he screamed to lure the guards. The irony of the story was when Hamlet had stabbed Polonius thinking it he had killed Claudius. When Polonius’s body had fallen, Hamlet had left his mother along with Polonius’s body. However, Claudius had found out and asked Hamlet to reveal where he hid Polonius body. Meanwhile, he was making arrangement for Hamlet to go England. In addition, Claudius had written a letter to the English court asking them to kill Hamlet when he arrived. In Denmark, Ophelia had become insane due to her father’s death. Laertes returned to Denmark to meet his sister and father, but wanted to find out what happen to his father. Claudius was the first person to tell him that Hamlet is guilty of the crime. While being boarded on the ship, it had gotten attacked by the pirates who had captured Hamlet and held him

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