Mt Everest Simulation Essay

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Mt. Everest Simulation-
Personal Reflection

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction to Mount Everest team and Leadership simulation 2 2.0 Our Team Process Efficacy 3 2.1 The role of the leader 3 2.2 Psychological Safety 5 2.3 Group Thinking 7 3.0 Conclusions 8 4.0 Reference 9

1.0 Introduction to Mount Everest team and Leadership simulation
Climbing Mount Everest is a dangerous undertaking, a Herculean task fraught with difficulties, danger, complexities and volatile weather conditions. Disaster can strike without warning, leaving the most competent and experienced professional high altitude mountain climber gasping for breath, and desperately fighting to stay alive. Death is not uncommon to mountaineers who
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Each participant has a role-specific decision to make at every stage of the simulation. Before the team proceeds to the next round, at each stage the physician will collect information about health status, the marathoner communicates weather condition information, and the team leader decides how many canisters each should receive in camp IV before climbing.
At the end of the simulation, the team ended up achieving 54% of its goals, performed woefully on three of the challenges – medical, weather, and oxygen tank allocation, scoring only one point. The photographer decided to stay in camp three while the rest of the team marched on to camp four, at this point the marathoner was rescued due to severe altitude sickness from lack of oxygen, and only the team leader made it to the summit while the rest of the team finished in camp IV. Being an observer, I noticed that none of the team members communicated their hiking speed to their teammates, probably due to ignorance or purposely to boost individual chances of achieving personal goals.
My role as an observer is to examine the team interaction as they ascended Mt. Everest establishing team dynamics, paying particular attention to information sharing, leadership, conflict and decision-making. Therefore, this essay aims to discuss and critically examine our team's effectiveness as regards to the role of our leader, psychological safety, and group thinking.

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