Mrs R Narrative

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Introduction Mrs. R is a sixty six year old woman, born and raised in Indiana and transplanted to Ohio as an adult. She considers her life a very typical one, she grew up, got married, had a family, got a job, and retired. But as we know, every life has a story beyond the typical outline. I spent a sunny Sunday afternoon with Mrs. R at my home, on a patio overlooking a pond. The conversation included some talk of geese, ducks, and turtles, but mostly during the course of our four hours together, I was able to learn what made unique the life of Mrs. R.
Life Events - Childhood Mrs. R was born in the hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1949, although the same can not be said for her parents. Her father was born in the house in which he lived
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R’s day to day life bears little resemblance to when she was raising children and working full-time. Mrs. R says she enjoys the freedom from the rigid work schedule, although she does miss her work and the people she worked with. Since retiring in 2012, Mrs. R has become an active volunteer with several organizations and adopted a few new hobbies. She and her husband volunteer as ushers at a local theatre, an activity she enjoys because they also get to see the shows for free. She also volunteers at the local art museum. Mr. and Mrs. R have taken a plot at in the community garden, and will be trying to grow eggplant for the first time. The local senior center has been a place to make new friends, play games, and get some good meals. Mrs. R has also made an extra effort to remain physically active. She walks nearly every night and has found a new passion in the sport of …show more content…
R considers herself lucky that she was able to spend time with her parents who lived long, full, rich lives. Each of her parents passed away in their eighties. However, Mrs. R did not know any of her grandparents. Three, her father’s mother and father and her mother’s mother, passed away even before she was born. The fourth, her mother’s father, passed when Mrs. R was just two years old. Whether a consequence of this or not, Mrs. R did not know a lot about her ancestors from previous generations. Using some ancestry websites we were able to determine the origin of her paternal grandparents’ last name. The name is German, and is derived from the name of a geographical German region. We also determined her father’s father was a first generation immigrant and her father’s mother was a second generation American. Little was found concerning her mother’s heritage, except it is more likely than not that they were of German descent as well. As mentioned, heritage was rarely if ever discussed in the household. Mrs. R does not have a strong feeling of connection to her German roots. Mrs. R presumes her parents considered themselves American, as she

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