Essay on Mr. Obama Jr.

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No one had known that on August 4th, 1961, an individual was born that would one day inspire the world. Barack Hussein Obama Jr. was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to parents Ann Dunham, an elementary teacher whom later on received her PhD in anthropology, and Barack Hussein Obama Sr., an economist in the Kenyan government. Mr. Obama Jr. is a descendent of a line of strong, independent people. His grandfather, Stanly Dunham, was a World War II veteran and his grandmother worked to become the first female vice president of the bank of Hawaii (Robinson). As a child, Mr. Obama, called "Barry" when little (Robinson), attended a catholic elementary school in Indonesia which was controlled by Muslims. Inside, Dunham felt that Barry was not receiving challenging enough education. In an attempt to give her son a better, challenging education, Dunham would give her son extra lessons every morning at around four o 'clock (Robinson). As an extracurricular, Barry 's stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, gifted Barry with boxing lessons to be used as self defense against danger (Robinson). Later on, Mr. Obama had received a full scholarship to attend Occidental College in Los Angeles, California and in 1981, attended Columbia University in New York, New York. On February, 10, 2007, Mr. Obama had made an official announcement of his candidacy to run as president of the United States of America. With 270 votes more than what was needed, President Obama won the election.
As president, there are many…

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