Mr. Greg Cavazos: Differences And Consequences Of Moral Education

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(Snowman, McCown, & Biehler, 2012) Defines morality with the terms morality of constraint for how the children under ten think and morality of cooperation for the children above the age of eleven. While the younger children see rules as something not to be messed with and how consequences determine the level of guilt. The older children see rules as something that could be accommodated and whether the purpose for the action was bad or good to determine the guilt. Moral education plays an important role in life, and it is discussed in the field of psychology by Piaget, Kohlberg and Gilligan. These individuals became interested in how during different ages and stages in life children saw situations through different moral glasses and had different …show more content…
Greg Cavazos who is a high school music teacher that has taught for 12 years, he specializes in directing mariachi and is also an assistant teacher for orchestral music. Upon beginning the interview Mr. Cavazos explains that although teaching students about morals is not part of the school curriculum it is something that is highly encouraged. To him morals are defined as “the development of distinguishing positive and negative behaviors in different situations and how to respond” (Cavazos, 2016). Mr. Cavazos works extensively to help his students be as professional as possible not only for events but for whatever life throws at them. Mr. Cavazos states that he implements moral education in his classroom because “behaviors fall under the umbrella term of moral education. And having professional behaviors is necessary for my mariachi music students since we often preform in public events and many times these performances are high profile” (Cavazos, 2016). Mr. Cavazos shares that he attempts to lead by being an example along with enforcing his teaching with tools such as YouTube to teach his pupils. The videos he displays from YouTube contain the characteristics and uncharacteristic behaviors of the mariachi musicians. The characteristics videos would include the musicians being professional, having good posture, being well dressed, respectful and orderly. While the uncharacteristic would depict the opposite such as being unprofessional, badly dressed and disorganized (Cavazos, 2016). He also mentions how he has not come across any research nor has he been provided information about how to precede teaching morals. In addition, Mr. Cavazos says that no presentations about moral education have taken place at the school he teaches. However, he has mixed feelings about having moral education taught in school he says that although it is good to have he feels it depends on the choice of each individual school and staff member. Willem

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