Analysis Of I Listen To My Parents And Wonder What They Believe By Robert Coles

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A child requires a solid moral upbringing in order to understand how to make right moral decisions. Robert Coles’ piece “I Listen to My Parents and Wonder What They Believe” discusses the role that parents play in a moral upbringing and the effect that little to no moral guidance has on children. He chronicles his interviews of several children discussing and considering the necessity of moral guidance. Moral guidance is necessary because through morals, children learn how to distinguish right from wrong in different situations. Children must learn morals to respect their Creator and love other people. A moral education involves a great deal more than following rules; it means developing an ethical and a virtuous character. Parents have a responsibility to supervise the growth of their …show more content…
Parents rationalize that they feel too uncertain of their own morals to teach an impressionable child. Coles asserts that “one cannot assume that every parent feels able-sure enough of his or her own actual beliefs and values- to make even an initial explanatory and disciplinary effect toward a moral education” (Coles, 2003, p. 439). Parents avoid giving moral guidance because they believe that they had inadequate preparation. However, parents will influence their child regardless of whether they believe themselves adequate to set an example. One interviewed child observes: “you should honor your father and mother most of all; that’s why you should find out what they think and sort of copy them” (Coles, 2003, p. 439). Parents cannot escape the fact that they influence their children’s morals, whether by instructing them on solid moral grounds, or by ignoring matters of morality and thereby teaching them that morals have no importance. Children will attempt to imitate their parent’s actions, and for that reason, parents must know where they stand on moral

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