Mr. Foster Is A 33 Year Old Male Here Today Essay

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Mr. Foster is a 33-year-old male here today for followup regarding his hyperlipidemia.

The patient does have hyperlipidemia with also elevated triglycerides and low HDL. He is currently on a regimen of Trilipix 135 mg daily, Crestor 40 mg daily, and Lovaza 1 g four p.o. daily. He is currently taking all his medications without side effects. He has specifically no belly pain. No issues with muscle aching or pain with medication. He recently did laboratory studies for me showing that his triglycerides have increased again. His most recent levels were done on September 3, 2015 showing total cholesterol 135, triglycerides 50, HDL 25, and LDL could not be calculated though direct was 52. Prior, in November, his levels were better with a total cholesterol of 189, triglycerides 450, HDL 28, LDL could not be calculated again. Prior to that, triglycerides had been ranging in the 395, 324, 330, 394 and 453 range. He admits that since last November, he has not been as active with his exercising. He had not been going to the gym. He just recently started again with exercising. He is trying to go every other day doing upper body weight lifting, as well as cardio. His weight remains stable at 194, which is six pounds, down from his initial visit here with me in 2012. He has been trying to do that through healthy lifestyle choices. He does have a family history of heart disease in his father.

The patient does have bipolar disorder. He is followed by Dr.…

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