Essay Mr. And Mrs. Elliot

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In “Mr. and Mrs. Elliot,” Ernest Hemingway proves once more why he is known to be one of the greatest 20th century novelists. Hemingway is notorious for basing his stories on his personal life, which mostly includes post-war aftermath and his complicated, hard-working life in Paris. For the first couple of months, “The City of Light” brought Hemingway nothing but struggle. Having only a small space for him and his wife, writing and “making a name for himself” became something extremely tough until he began to meet well known artists such as Miro and Picasso. Once settled in, Hemingway was able to publish the short story collection “In Our Time” which includes Mr. and Mrs. Elliot. Some critics believe that the idea of this short story “was originally based on two of Hemingway 's Parisian acquaintances, the Smiths”. Critic Carlos Baker calls it “a malicious gossip-story.” Although this story starts off by making the reader believe this is a happily married couple doing what married people should be doing, trying to have kids, it takes a sharp turn into the fact that as bad as they might think they want a child, neither of them are trying hard enough. The idea of a child in this couple’s life is just that, an idea. The fact that the presence of Mrs. Elliot’s best friend is more exciting to her than that of her husbands’ is enough to lift a red flag and come to conclusions that this marriage should have been thought over more. Along with their marriage, the sexual orientation of…

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