Movie Vs. Frank Baum 's ' The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz ' Essay

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In the movie Spirited Away, directed and written by Hayao Miyazaki a young a girl named Chihiro and her parents are on their way to their new home when her father takes a shortcut into the woods. Chihiro and her parents get lost and end up in a spirit world in which they find themselves trapped. Chihiro’s parents have been turned into pigs by an evil witch known as Yubaba and she must find work at Yubaba’s bath house in order to save them and return back to the human world. She is assisted by many friends throughout her thrilling adventure and gains courage along the way. By the end, luckily she is able to save her parents and get back to the other side of the tunnel, or the human world. In the classic book L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the main character, Dorothy also ends up in another world full of creatures that are not exactly human. Like Chihiro, Dorothy makes friends throughout her journey to help her return home. Also, both not only receive help but they also help some of the people who they meet along the way. However,
In Spirited Away, Chihiro first comes in contact with Haku who is very kind and ready to lend a hand nice to Chihiro the at various times in the movie. By the end, Chihiro is able to remember Haku’s real name. Which gives him his identity back. Chihiro also helps bathe and empty out River Spirit who in return gives her a medicine cake ball. Chiro intends on feeding the medicine ball to her “pig parents”, but she later feeds…

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