Edward Scissorhands Reflection

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1. Not only is Edward the unique product of his scientist creator’s vision and imagination, he also benefits from the love and care lavished on him by this surrogate father. Explain. (How do we know they have a special relationship * Why are Edward’s memories so important? * How does Edward reflect and express the creativity and vision of his father?)

Ever since Edward was unable to speak and was cutting away alongside the other machines, Edwards father was proud of himself and Edward for always being there. As Edward’s father emerges from a backdoor he walks through the room to the cooked cookies, which are symbolised in hearts, stars, gingerbread men, and animal shapes. Edward’s father picks up a heart-shaped cookie and looks behind him
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At first, Kim feared Edward as she did not expect to encounter him on her bed in her bedroom just as she gets home while she was doing her hair and because Edward was different from other people. Kim ran out of her bedroom screaming in horror, but after Kim got to know Edward and see what Edward has done for her town she started to fall in love with Edward even though he was a different being she didn’t really mind, she loved him all the same. Kim also able to hug Edward by carefully placing his scissorhands around her back so they could hug each other. Kim showed love for Edward within the movie in the scene where she asked Edward to come with her and her boyfriend Jim to Jim’s parent’s house to unlock the house but when they got inside Jim’s parent’s house Jim left Edward inside the locked down house as the alarm was triggered and Kim gets dragged into Jim’s van, she cries to Jim to help Edward get out of the house as his parents would prosecute him. Kim did not know that Edward knew that there was a possibility of getting into trouble with the Police by entering Jim’s parent’s house but Edward didn’t mind if he got in trouble, as long as Kim was

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