Ethical Practice: The NASW Code Of Ethics

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During my assessment of Miss Doe, I learned that Miss Doe is concerned about her health, family problems, and lack of support, anxiety, depression, and living alone. She feels this way because of her current situation. Miss Doe is experiencing an aggressive form of cancer that is rapidly spreading. Consequently, this is causing her to experience anxiety and depression. From day to day she does not know what to expect. Moreover, Miss Doe lives alone while going through this ordeal. She does not want to live with either of her two daughters, because they like to control every aspect of her care. Miss Doe told me that her daughters are pushing for a DNR order to be placed in her file. However, Miss Doe does not want a DNR order, she wants a …show more content…
The purpose of the code guides Social Workers towards ethical practice when dealing with clients. In regards to ethical practice, I made sure that Miss Doe was treated with the utmost dignity and respect. During every meeting, I actively listened to her concerns without interrupting. In addition, Miss Doe was involved in all decisions regarding her care. Throughout the course of her stay at XYZ, Social Services addressed her needs as quickly as possible. When her needs were not able to be met in a timely manner, she was informed of the delay. Furthermore, when communicating with Miss Doe, she was treated like an adult and not a child. The next example of ethical practice is providing confidentiality and privacy. I made sure to provide Miss Doe with a safe place to speak freely. The Social Services office was used and the door was closed every time. Additionally, it was made clear to her that what she spoke about would remain confidential, unless certain situations came up. Some of the exceptions are: if she has suicidal ideations, wanting to inflict harm on others, or someone is abusing her. Finally, when communicating with Miss Doe, there was no derogatory language used. All communication was positive and appropriate in

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