The Wizard Of Oz Character Analysis Essay

Dorothy is a small, young girl. Yet, within her a strong, brave character, which is not afraid of setback or obstacles thrives. Dorothy is afraid at first, but her attitude keeps her from becoming disheartened. Dorothy’s character is willing to help her friends solve their problems, however she maintains that there is only one place she wants to go to: home
As depicted in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank. L. Baum, Dorothy is whisked away to the foreign Land of Oz, but remains calm and only desires to go back to Kansas. Dorothy refuses to be stopped by anything in her way; she bravely begins the journey to the Emerald City alone, battles against the Wicked Witch of the West; she does not give up hope when the Wizard leaves Oz without her.
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These friends have their own agenda, yet they do not hinder her goal. Along their journey to the Emerald City and the Witch’s castle these side characters help Dorothy achieve her goal, while they achieve theirs. Dorothy meets each of her friends, while walking along the yellow brick road. Although each of her friends have different desires, and argue frequently, Dorothy remains focused on her goal of going to Kansas. “Dorothy did not say anything, for she was puzzled to know which of her two friends was right, and she decided if she could only get back to Kansas and Aunt Em, it did not matter so much whether the Woodman had no brains and the Scarecrow no heart, or each got what he wanted” (Baum 32). Dorothy is focused on her goal and nothing is going to stop her. She wants to help her friends, but if given the choice she would rather go to Kansas than …show more content…
In this film, Dorothy is flown back to Oz because the Jester, the Wicked Witch of the West’s brother, stole the infamous broomstick of his sister from the Wizard’s chambers. This causes immediate alarm in the Emerald City. Dorothy is brought to save the city. She makes new friends along the journey and encounters new obstacles. She encounters a litigious Candy Court, a dainty princess, and talking trees. Along her journey she meets four new friends: Marshal Mallow, China Princess, Tugg and Wiser. Each of these characters becomes influenced by Dorothy’s personality. Dorothy influences her friends to push their limits. Wiser meets Dorothy at the very beginning of the film, and hence Dorothy had the most influence on him. Wiser, a large owl, cannot fly because he eats too much, but by the end of the movie he was flying and helping defeat the Jester. Dorothy’s leadership skills and influence help to make her friends into better versions of

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