Movie Summary : ' The Stock Reports ' Essay example

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Mesume sat in the airport in Tokyo, reading the stock reports. Worrying about Skadi, and hoping that the little fox stays out of trouble in cargo. Sighing and setting aside the report she looked at the letter sent by her father. Rereading it she dropped her head to the table in the little airport cafe. Stupid Mesume, if you would have stayed out of trouble the school would have never called him. But,could you manage that no you had to get involved when the Yakuza started to try and strong arm the girls… you thought you were done with the Sukeban but noo, you get sucked right back in.The light blue haired girl mentally berates herself. Listening to the speakers, she heads to the terminal for boarding. Taking her seat in first-class thinking self-deprecatingly “It’s the only time I have class.” She settled into the plush seat and pulled The Silmarillion from her backpack and readjusted her head phones,burying her nose in the book she tries to distract herself from the tension in her shoulders, and anxiety eating at her stomach. Whiling away the nine hour flight,the slightly punk looking Mesume tries to talk herself out of her anxiety. “You knew barely anyone at home, will it make a difference if you have no friends here? You have Skadi which is better than how you were doing. Perhaps now you and Otosan will get a chance to know each other. She snorts at that last thought. Maybe you will make some friends, you are tired of being alone. If you make friends how are you going…

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