Movie Review : The Very Long Engagement Essay

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The movie “The Very Long Engagement” takes place during world war one. The movie covers a variety of things, but is mostly about a woman who is on a relentless search for her fiancé who has disappeared from the trenches of the Somme during his time serving in the war. This movie is made to recreate the early 1900s when World War One was in full swing. This movie educates the viewer not only on the things that happen to the men when they are at war, but it also shows the viewer what happens to the families of the people who go to war and what happens to the people who make it home form the war alive. Such as, families who are unable to accept the passing of a family member, as well as men who return from the war with wounds and illness that may be life threatening or life altering. Throughout the movie you learn many aspects of the war and get the experience to see somewhat what it would be like to be in the trenches during World War One or be a family member of someone who was sent to war.
Throughout the movie you follow the women named Mathide, on her journey to find her fiancé. She is very determined to find him and goes to many lengths to uncover information regarding his whereabouts following the war. Her fiancé named Manech, was sentenced to death for self-mutilation, but Mathide believes she would know if he was dead, so she never stops looking for him. She pays people to help search for him and she goes around asking people he knew from the war if they had any idea…

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