Movie Review : Silent Movie Essay

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Meta: Taking players back to the roaring twenties, Silent Movie is a slot game that provides a taste of old-school cinema. Quiet yet inquisitive, are you ready to embrace the pre-talkies era to win big?

Silent Movie Review

So perhaps IGT’s desire to break the mold and come up with something new was what prompted them to create Silent Movie, a video slots game that appears to take place inside of an old theatre. I can already tell that Silent Movie is going to be a great game – the loading screen looks like an old black-and-white film, complete with the jitter and artifacts that movies of the day had. The effort put into the loading screen and introduction alone did a fantastic job of getting me excited to see what was in-store, and the if the effort put into the design is indicative of the gameplay, Silent Movie will no doubt be one of the better video slots games out there.

All that jazz

Until The Jazz Singer came along in 1929 and changed movies forever, all films prior to this time were made completely without sound – orchestras or pianists would commonly accompany movie presentations, adding a soundtrack live in the theatre. The entire era of silent films acts as its own genre, complete with its own set of imagery, icons, actors, tropes, and more. The decision to make a video slots game based on silent films seems to be quite an interesting one, as I certainly wouldn’t have ever expected to ever play a game based on that era of film.

The presentation of this slots…

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