Essay on Movie Review : Disney And Pixar

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Disney and Pixar created this movie in 2012, which portrayed a young princess Merida who was coming to the age of marriage. This teenage girl did not want to get married though! She was more interested in riding through the forest shooting her bow and arrows at targets. The princess is not your typical “pretty girl.” Merida is a red head girl who likes to do things with her hands and be in the outdoors. Then one day, in order to change her mother’s mind about having her be wedded, she gives her mother a cake that contains a curse. The cake then turns her mother into a bear instead of changing her mind like it should have. The rest of the story unfolds as they are working to release her mother of the spell and over time princess Merida matures to realize what her mother is working towards and her mother realizes what her daughter is working toward. In a round- about way, the spell does work but they must release the spell before the second sunrise or Queen Elinor will forever be a real bear. Brave is a great and typical “flipped” princess story that is for all ages. The humor involved in this story is priceless and is bound to make anyone chuckle. The first concept that I would like to point out in this movie is Marcia’s Identity Statuses. With Brave, I see Merida to be in the stage of foreclosure. At the beginning of the movie, she does not really want to get married but she goes along with her parent’s decision. Her parents call in three of the most powerful men in their…

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