Movie ' Mean Girls ' Using Compliance Gaining Strategies And Nonverbal And Verbal Theories

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Analysis of the Movie “Mean Girls” using
Compliance Gaining Strategies and Nonverbal/Verbal theories
In the movie ”Mean Girls”, many different communication behaviors appear in the movie whether it may be verbally or nonverbally this film portrays many of the interpersonal communications behaviors. This film is a satirical and comical movie portraying a high school with the typical “mean girls” clique and the other cliques for example the jocks, the nerds, the prep and more created in high school. This movie shows the positive and negative of communication. It can be compared to a real life situation when someone is given power and what we choose to do with that power.
The movie “Mean Girls” is about a girl named Cady Heron who was homeschooled all her life and just recently moved from Africa to the U.S. Once she enters high school she realizes that high school is completely different then her life back in Africa. She meets these two people to take her under their wings and show her the cliques and the gossip between all the cliques. During her first year of public high school she bumps into these girls known as the “The Plastics” these three girls are the most popular and the prettiest in all of the school. The Plastics tell Cady that she can join the group, it is then that the first friends that Cady made hate the plastics and they come up with a plan to fool them and believe that their best friends. Cady embarks on this journey to become a Plastic and befriend Regina…

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