Movie Analysis : You Shouldn 't Dream Your Film, You Should Make It

884 Words Oct 16th, 2015 4 Pages
Since I am a relatively young person, I started writing novels and had ideas about bring my story in my mind to the screen. Steven Spielberg said that “You shouldn’t dream your film, you should make it”. I am keen on the genre such as fiction, suspense and crime. I thought making a film might be easy, just scripting and pre-production through shoot, post-production and marketing/exhibition. With the theoretical knowledge about film which I learned from University of Sydney, and some experience in writing articles and novels, I believe I could write a magnificent film and bring it to the screen. Everything starts from ignorance and many problems come out in the period filmmaking. The dilemmas we suffered from make me realised that there are too many things I have to learn and it hence stimulates me to study further at your esteemed university with a master degree of filmmaking. I have watched hundreds of films and what Hollywood film different from others, as well as more profound than others, is because the story is constructed with conflicts and confrontations. What Save the Cat embraces is that a film is like a broken line graph. I strongly agree that the trend of changing is actually a reflection of people’s life. The strong interest in film industry estimates me to self-learn online through tutorials such as No Film School and Lynda. The story of independent film always impresses me and the special effect in Hollywood Film teaches me a lot about technique skills. These…

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