Essay about Movie Analysis : ' The Captain Tells '

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Within a few minutes, the peaceful little neighborhood 's woken by sirens, as patrol cars line the streets. Nosy neighbors started congregating out on the lawns, trying to figure out what had happened in their sleepy little community.
“I’ll have patrol canvas the neighborhood for witnesses. Rachel I want you talk to the maid since she’s the one who discovered the body and Jerry I want you to go inside the house, take a look around.” The captain instructs.
“We’re on it boss.” Jerry says pulling up to the house.” Within a few minutes the detectives are working on their assigned tasks.
"There doesn 't seem to be any sign of a forced entry, or a struggle. Maybe the maid cleaned it up." Jerry thinks, walking through the front door. Half way down the hallway he meets his old buddy Kirk. He 's a hard working dedicated man who 'd just started the police force a few years ago. Jerry had hoped the young rookie will become a detective, but Kirk decided he wanted to work in the lab instead.
"What can you tell me, Kirk?"
"We haven 't found any signs of forced entry, and there 's no sign of a struggle. So we 're assuming the victim knew the person, let them in the house. The perpetrator must have waited until he wasn 't looking and hit him in the back of the head with this." He says, lifting up the bronze statue.
"I checked for fingerprints and found four different sets. I 'll run them when I get back to the station. We found this lying beside the victim 's body. According to the…

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