Movie Analysis : Movies And Movies Essay example

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Movies are what get people through their day. Movies are a way for lonely people to cope or for depressed individuals to become happy again. Without movies, the world would be a terrible place to live. Movies are judged by the way they make a person feel. Movies can make people laugh, cry, or get scared. Some people would not know how to function without a movie or two a day. Movies help people experience their emotions in a totally different way. There are three types of movie watchers in this world, and they are the ones who laugh, the ones who cry, and the ones who scream.
To begin with, the first type of movie watcher is the one who laughs. Comedy movies put people in a better frame of mind and make them laugh. Although laughter is the intention, there is always that one person with an annoying or obnoxious laugh. There is also the person who laughs for hours over one simple joke. This type of person takes comedy to an unnecessary level. One example is someone who laughs through the entire movie at the movie theater. That type of movie watcher makes people regret being in the same room with him due to so much laughter. Not everyone has an annoying or obnoxious laugh. Some just snicker under their breath, or they make no sound by laughing so hard they cannot breathe. Everyone has their own unique laugh. Laughter makes the world a better place, even if the laughter is the obnoxious kind.
On the other hand, sad movies are the worst when it comes to emotions. People can…

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