Movie Analysis : ' Let 's Go On The Forest ' Essay

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“Let’s go in the forest,” said Katie, “come on. Don’t be scared.” Kevin ran his fingers through his dirty hair, shrugged, and said, “Whatever you want.” They walked into the forest slowly. Birds chirped and the sunlight crawled through the branches of trees onto the ground.

They walked farther on and Katie ran through the forest. Kevin watched and yelled, “Don’t run so fast!” Katie stopped, frowned, and complained, “You won’t let me have any fun at all.” Kevin walked towards her, crunching leaves beneath him, “Sorry, but I love you and I don’t want to see you get hurt.” Katie pushed her thick hair back and remarked, “So?” Kevin shook his head and Katie ran on.

Katie ran ahead and stopped, her mouth flopping open. "Kevin," she yelled, "Kevin come look at this!" Kevin ran toward her, and stopped too. They stared at a wall, but not nay wall. They stared at a large castle, surrounded by a moat and wall. Katie slowly walked closer to the wall and whispered, "It’s...a...kingdom…all the way out here." Kevin stared at the castle and exclaimed, "It 's larger than your kingdom." They stared at the castle. The castle was massive, the walls were tall and thick, and the moat was large enough to fit a large boat inside. Kevin and Katie stared on. People were walking around inside the kingdom and were giving them a funny look. Kevin tugged at Katie 's arm and they walked back.

"That 's just weird," Katie said, "I mean, I didn 't even know about this kingdom." Kevin took a deep breath…

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