Movie Analysis : ' Killer Dolls ' Essay example

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Killer dolls. Everyone probably dreams of them in their lifetime, especially after the infamous “Chucky” film, or finds them somewhat eerie. I however, have always loved dolls, especially barbies. I didn’t brush their hair or dress them up, or have them ride around my house in Barbie’s pink mustang convertible. Instead, I loved creating and playing stories with barbies, stories involving dragons, princes and princesses, kings and queens, and knights and villains. These stories often contained all the elements of a good plot line, with expositions, rising actions, climaxes, falling actions, and resolutions. Many of them, in my opinion, could have been good enough to become Hollywood blockbusters. I enjoyed playing with other dolls too, not just barbies, including plastic baby dolls, intricate porcelain dolls, and American Girl Dolls (I never got one, though, despite all my begging). I’d use all kinds of dolls as characters in my games. One day when I was about seven years old, my father came home with a present for me. It was a cheap, bald baby doll, which wore a simple purple onesie. He was quite generic, but he was one of the only presents my father had ever given me, so I loved him dearly. I used him in every game I played, and I kept him right next to my head on my bed. He was with me almost 24/7. Then, the nightmares started. Almost every night I went to sleep with the doll, I dreamed of dolls coming to life and trying to hurt me. I would get up thirsty and leave my…

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