Movie Analysis : Girl Fight Essay

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Stereotypes can be defined as something or someone that is different, than what we are used to. We associate our self in different groups, depending on how we think, act and behave. Woman differentiates between the concepts of sex and gender, a merit since the late 1976 (Unger, 1979 B). At this time sex was defined by the differences in genetic composition and report reproductive anatomy between males and females. We are labeling from the minute we are born depending on the body parts we are born with. Gender originates from the serious and trade a social culture between males and females the traits that make masculinity and femininity.

In the movie Girl Fight, the main character was named Diana. In the movie, Diana shows various conflicts, emotions and responses such as fear, anger, disgust, pleasure. We can see that Diana is a very emotional girl and her mood intensify throughout the movie. As the book states that gender stereotypes are ways that can reflect one 's wisdom regardless if you are a male or female. The description of Diana in Girl Fight sets a standard for young woman with a powerful look that reflects a kind of a stereotype of a woman in her culture background. Girl Fight condenses these two worlds by embedding the symbolic contest of the boxing dyad onto the photographic vibrant connection to normative gendered roles. According to Viogorito and Curry in 1998, woman was shown to the public as much as the male population. Men in newspapers and magazines…

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