Mount Elden Middle School Is Located Towards The East Part Of Flagstaff, Arizona

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Mount Elden Middle School is located towards the east part of Flagstaff, Arizona just off 4th street. The population of students is diverse both socioeconomically as well as racially. The student body mainly consists of Hispanic, Native American and Caucasian students. In physical education little, to no homework is assigned because of the fact that students are graded and evaluated on their physical performance in tasks, which we are unable to see when they are away from school. Students were required to complete an activity log through out the semester. This log was to help facilitate students understanding of tracking how often they exercised, what kind of exercise they participated in as well as tracking and understanding the importance of heart rate during exercise. This assignment required students to receive a parent signature at the end, ensuring that the students completed these activities outside of school. With this assignment I was able to get a glimpse of parent involvement in each students education. Some students did not have a signature, some had parents who were truthful and acknowledged that their student did not complete those activities and others signed and even left comments ensuring that their student was very active through out the week outside of school. I feel that parental involvement is crucial for student’s success and as a future teacher is a goal of mine to increase as I continue my career as an educator. At Mount Elden Middle School many…

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