Working With Parents Essay

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Parent’s play a significant role in all aspects of children’s lives including at home and at school. “One of the most important factors in children’s school success is how actively involved their parents are in their education (Christiansen, K., Schneider, B., & Butler, D. (2011).” When parents are involved there are so many positive outcomes. I want to make sure that I help parents to be involved in the best ways that I can. Some ways that I believe can help parents that I will work with to be involved and stay involved is by:
Taking the time
Time is very important in people’s lives including the parents that I will work with. If I take the time to do even a simple act like smiling it can show them that I am there for them and that I care. If I am involved it can help them to be involved. I know that
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I know that everyone likes to be treated nicely, with respect, and in a positive way. So, at the beginning of the school year I want to set the foundation for having many great parent-teacher relationships by making a positive first impression and by having positive interactions throughout the school year. I will watch how I do everything from my facial expressions, to my stance, and tone of voice to especially the words that I choose to say because words can make a situation either a more positive or negative one. According to Ashley Ormon, “a word of encouragement goes a long way.” Or according to Natalie Lloyd, “your words matter, more than you know.” Words can also make relationships strong or they can make it weak. I want to have strong positive relationships with the parents that I work with, so that they will want to be included in all the decisions of their child’s education, want to volunteer through the school year, and want to be there anyway that they can to help their child succeed. They would just want to be involved. One way that can help them stay involved is by having frequent communication with

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