Essay on Motivational Techniques of Google

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Google's Corporate Values and Goals and How they Motivate Their Employees Clearly stated and conveyed organizational goals do more than just let the general public know what the organization aims to achieve, but also can serve as a driving force for employees of the organization. Google's recent success in the hyper-competitive Internet search engine industry is based, in part, in their ability to utilize their corporate goals to drive daily actions geared towards achieving these goals, and has helped propel the company to success. To fully understand how Google's corporate values and goals concerning employees, their customers, and the Internet motivate their employees, this paper analyzes the company's stated goals and how they relate …show more content…
Attainment of those goals must require activity that is increasingly difficult, but attainable. In other words, people like to be challenged, but they must feel their goals are achievable to stay motivated. This can be accomplished by: Establishing goals that are personally meaningful Making those goals possible Providing feedback on performance Aligning goals with the individual's self esteem Motivation through Curiosity In this concept of self motivation we are talking about providing something in the individual's environment that arouses their curiosity. This can be accomplished by presenting the individual with something that connects their present knowledge or skills with a more desirable level - if the person were to engage in a certain activity. So to motivate someone through curiosity, the environment must stimulate their interest to learn more. Motivation through Control Most people like to feel they are in control of their destiny. They want to feel in control of what happens to them. To stay motivated, individuals must understand the cause and effect relationship between an action they will take and the result. To motivate individuals through the use of control you can: Make the cause and effect relationship clear by establishing a goal and its reward Allow individuals to believe that the work they do does make a difference

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