Interpersonal Skills In Project Management Essay

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Only the duration of critical activities ought to be crashed as they are key in determining the overall duration of the project. The incremental cost of all critical activities should then be determined. If there are several critical activities, select those with the least incremental costs to be crashed first. The maximum amount used in each step of crashing is known as a unit of time. This is because of the possibility of the emergence of a new critical path, which should be avoided. If the project has more than one critical path, time for all activities in the critical ought to be reduced simultaneously by an equal amount.
The project has more than one critical path and, as a result, activities in the critical path should be reduced simultaneously. The
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The optimum cost time point by employing the project cost-duration graph is 14 days. This is because, at this point, the total cost for activity 15 will be at its lowest. This would be the optimum cost-time point.
Interpersonal skills. A good manager ought to have the skills necessary to work with other colleagues, motivate them and enhance the understanding of one another. A project manager with good interpersonal skills will be more effective in discharging duties and undertaking various activities for the organization.
Proper co-ordination of activities would ensure the smooth integration of both the activities and objectives of different units of the organization. This will ensure that the goals of the organization are achieved effectively. There are various forms of activity interdependence as a result of integrating the activities of various units.
Conceptual skills. This relates to the ability of the project manager in the coordination and integration of interests and activities of the organization. Managers in possession of such skills would be in a position to recognize opportunities before their competitors. They are keen on looking for opportunities that ought to be exploited by the organization.

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