Motivation Is Key For A School That Has Metal Detectors And Security Guards Right At The Front Entrance

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Motivation is key Going to a school that has metal detectors and security guards right at the front entrance may not be what we would imagine for a high school, but that is a normal day at Richmond High School. This high school is located in a very poor area where no one expects greatness from any of the students. Until one day when a new coach takes over for the boys’ basketball team, the Oilers. Coach Ken Carter is very serious about this new job and he takes on the responsibility of this team with only four wins on their previous season. He holds the boys to a very high standard: they have to sign a contract that states that they will get above a 2.3 GPA, they will get progress reports from their teachers, and they must respect the coach by calling him sir and he will do the same. Ken states that if they do not follow these rules, there will be a punishment. Many of the boys think that he is taking this to seriously, along with the teachers and parents, and some quit. When the first progress report came out, Coach Carter was so disappointed in his players that he put a lock on the gym doors and he made the team meet him in the library to study and get better grades. The parents did not approve of what Coach Carter was doing, so they took it to the school board. Before the school board voted, Coach Carter stated that he would resign as the coach if they voted the lockout to be over with before they boys got better grades. They voted against him, but when he went to…

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