The Importance Of Motivation In Sport

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In this essay I will be discussing the motivations behind why people take part in sport and how this can vary from person to person depending on each individual’s situation. Motivation ‘is the ability to initiate and persist at a task’ (Taylor 2009), it is a term used to describe a person’s reason to do a particular thing or a way in which they do it; this can be linked in to all aspects of life. Motivation in sport would be to why someone does sport, a person may do sport due to the physical benefits in which it makes you a healthier person or the social benefits in that in helps you meet new friends. The motivations will be very much individual to or person and everyone will have their own personal reasons for participating in sport, however …show more content…
Some people will just naturally have the determination to keep training or the personal desire to want to try out new sports. Which would describe why some people just seem to be ‘highly driven and a real competitor’ whereas others have ‘a low drive and let things just pass them by’ (Rea 2009). In sporting terms some people will stick to a work out regime or training plan for a long period of time whereas others will start and stop new plans all the time. This type of motivation would be what most top athletes have as they have that strong personal motivation to keep training and keep working hard every day whereas others would falter. Most top athletes will have been training for years and years to get to a high standard so it takes a lot of personal motivation to keep going. If an athlete does have this characteristic they will not need outside sources of motivation as in a coach or a group of friends, they will be able to stay motivated on their own. This could be linked into a working environment in that on a personal level each worker would be motivated to do well and wouldn’t need their manager as a motivation source. So for both in a sporting environment and a working environment their own personality will decide how motivated they will be in the long

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