Motivation For Lesson : Communicating The Academic Learning Goals And Activating

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Motivation for Lesson: Communicating the academic learning goals and activating prior knowledge/interests of students.

• The topic of the lesson will be initially introduced to activate students’ background knowledge about hurricanes.

• A video clip named “Hurricane 101” from National Geographic will then be shown to stimulate students’ curiosity. They will be directed to record important information from the video. • I want students to discuss what they already know about hurricanes. What is a hurricane, how it occurs, and what could be the effect of a hurricane on our city.

• Watching this video I want students have a better idea what a hurricane is. At the same time, I want the students verbally recall conditions that must be present for a hurricane to form.

Instructional Strategies: Describe the concept or skill development strategies (including modeling). Describe your plan for instruction in the order in which it will be implemented (with approximate times for each step).

• A reading downloaded from Weather Watch will be distributed to the students and read aloud by the teacher. Students will follow along in their own text, highlighting the key ideas and vocabulary. Stress, intonation, and brief pausing will be used to alert students to key facts and key words for the lesson; to make connections between the printed word and the pictures.

• I want the students develop the…

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