Essay on Motivation And Human Relations : Motivation

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Motivation and Human Relations
Motivation as defined by Lamberton and Minor (2014), refers to the willingness to work toward accomplishing a particular goal or task. It is further defined as the ability to do whatever it takes to achieve a goal or purpose. I chose to further discuss this topic because I believe it is in essence the most important aspect of being in an organization as it is directly tied to the quality of output that the organization will achieve. If people are not motivated, work will suffer and that means the loss of profits for a company. Most people are motivated by a need for something and this leads them to push themselves at work and achieve a goal of success. Our text discussed various theories and how they relate to or affect motivation. It is important to note that although these theories are varied in their interpretation, they all end up with the same conclusion, that whatever motivates you, needs to be something that is not easily swayed and that motivation can come in many different forms.
Motivation and Organization Climate
Motivation at work takes place in an organizational climate, which is the emotional culture within an organization that affects the attitudes, stress, morale and communication of the workers (Lamberton & Minor, 2014). This can further be broken down into the different types of rewards that are achieved in the organization climate when one is motivated enough, and they include extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. Extrinsic…

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