Essay on Motivating Employees At Successful Companies

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Motivating employees in successful companies

It is well known that a motivate worker is a happy worker, then a happy employee is a productive employee too. This fact is going to lead that the productivity of a company increases continuously. As warns Heathfield if an employee does not feel he or she is growing, he or she will head for the exits. Two main strategies seem to have been the key to maintains motivation in their employees. Disney company more often has applied the motivation to its employees applying the method of the job rotation, which consists in moving its employees from one job to another specialized. In that way workers are trained and have the opportunity to perform in two or more jobs. It should be mentioned that this technique can be confused with the technique of job enlargement, which involves a variety and combining specialized task of comparable difficulty, but it does not have positive effects in job perform (Kinicki & Fugate, 2012). On the other hand, Google seems to have fixed the motivation of its employees on the job enrichment strategy, which means maintaining satisfaction in its employees. This satisfaction was more frequently associated with the achievement, recognition of the work characteristics (Kinicki & Fugate, 2012).
Good employees want to try new roles within the company. Creating a rotation plan for employees under test could be the key and the difference between losing an employee highlight or help you find a new passion as to…

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