Essay on Most Health Care Organizations Have A Mission Statement

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Most health care organizations have a mission statement. This statement emphasis what the organizations desire is for their patients. This is the organizations way to explain goals and what patients can come to expect from that facility. The effectiveness of the mission statement outcomes is determined by the organizational structure, nursing model, leaders, and staff members (Huber, 2014).
Nursing Mission at Riverside Manor and Rehabilitation Center
The mission statement for Riverside Manor and Rehabilitation Center (RSM) “is to provide the highest quality of healthcare while being recognized as the leader in providing personalized services and care in our area” (Riverside Manor, 2015). The rehab unit mission is home away from home. The rehab unit strives to empathize the importance that RSM is their home and that they should feel comfortable with their care and services they receive. The mission on the rehab unit is consistent with the organization mission. Both missions strive to provide personalized quality care.
Role in Meeting Unit’s Mission
I am the rehab unit manager at RSM. I have several responsibilities that I must accomplish on a daily basis to ensure the mission statement is upheld, so people want to return to the facility. I look over all new admissions to make sure that appointments, labs, diagnostic test, and medication list are correct or need to be made or changed. This ensures that patients are receiving the services that they need. I evaluate the work…

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