Morse Life Organization Is A Hospital Provider Of Housing And Healthcare Services For The Elderly Persons

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Morse Life organization is a premier provider of housing and healthcare services for the elderly persons in Palm Beach County. The organization plays a critical role in the community as it touches the lives of over 2000 elderly individuals every day committing to provide exceptional healthcare services to the elderly population. The organization provides essential services, as it is the only well-established corporation in the area offering a range of health care services that include memory care, assisted living services, independent and long-term care, assisted living services as well as guidance, counseling and meals-on-wheels services (Ross, MacLean, and Fisher, 2002). According to Sauvé, Renaud, Kaufman, and Duplàa (2015), the company also offers other additional programs that include, geriatric care management services, a program for all-inclusive care for the elderly, home health care, short and long-term rehabilitation services and the Homebound Mitzvah program.
Morse Life has a long-standing objective in helping the society’s elderly persons to be able to live a healthy, vibrant and an independent life. The Corporation has been recognized as a leading provider of housing, supportive and health care services for all the senior individuals throughout Palm Beach County. The company has led the way and built a good tradition and reputation for caring for the elderly people in the community with dignity, compassion and excellence. The paper describes how Morse Life…

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