Morality In Early Pregnancy

However, granted that teens constitute the part more dramatically affected in early pregnancy, the major mission is defined by promoting a better and timely instruction and sex education involving American teens, obtaining more committed teens into the prevention of early pregnancy. For example, in her "Diary of a Teen Mom", Arielle Haney, teen mother of John, 2 years old, affirms, "Teens need to know that it can happen to anyone. They need to hear true accounts of teen pregnancy." In fact, she sadly explains, how she was criticized and told she was a ailure. How she had to deal with the embarrassment to her peers in high school, asking her if she was pregnant. Actually, she is still dealing with the fact that she had a child earlier than most, …show more content…
And, accordingly, teens have to be compelled, not only to talk openly to their parents, doctors, or other trusted adults, but also to find out how they can obtain birth control, if they decide to become sexually active. Unquestionably, nowadays, it becomes a must for each teen to be aware of the risks engaged in sexual activity, and certainly, they need to know the effective ways to prevent early pregnancy (Kalmuss).
In the opposite direction, in addition to the lack of adequate information on teens regarding of prevention of pregnancy, religiosity emerges as another significant factor leading to increase rates of American teen pregnancy. Recent research shows that, the U.S. states whose residents have very strong religious beliefs, tend to have the highest rates of teen pregnancy. According to the study results, Mississippi, crowned the list, not only for its conservative religious beliefs, but also, for its higher rate of teen pregnancy (Bryner). By way of explanation, the relationship might be due to the fact that some religious communities that literally interpreting the Bible are not likely to freely talk about contraception. Giving more details of
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today, and, to solve it, the primary goal is to prevent unprotected or untimely intercourse, by not only providing young people the opportunity to receive adequate sex education, but also, by improving the values and skills that will enable them to timely become sexually active (Donovan). With such significant goal in mind, an effective commitment by teens, parents, public schools, and American society is urgently needed, in order to avoid early teen pregnancy. Prevention calls to encourage that, at all times, the correct information reaches the precise target at the right time; otherwise, any sexual activity for which teenagers are poorly prepared, may lead them to negative physical, mental and financial consequences. Under those circumstances, more effective sex education programs in public schools must be implemented in the near future, and, parents, as well as, each member of every community, are called to make any likely effort to build a better future for those young generations; by adopting policies that support and equip young people with knowledge, skills and services to prevent, at all cost, unintended and unwanted teen

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