Morality, An Idea Of Morality Essay

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Morality, an idea that causes much pondering and has no clear answer to identify. Morality in it concept is a system made of a person’s or society’s values and principles that tells us if the action or behavior we act upon is good or bad. This in turn mean that each person will have different moralities based on several factors in their life. Many philosophers have created their own philosophy on morality such as Mary Wollstonecraft. Born in year 1759, during this period society raised men and women to have different moralities which led her in defiance of her parent’s wishes at the age of nineteen go and live a life of independence that resulted in her to become an internationally known philosopher. Wollstonecraft philosophy on morality because of this was that the source of morality itself is reason for it is by using reason that we as humans can control our animal behavior. It is through this that we are different from animals and that all people have an equal right.
I agree with the philosophy Mary Wollstonecraft had on morality and I can see how it can fit with many ideas connected with said subject such as egoism, the two types of utilitarianism, and morality responsibility. By understanding what is egoism, morality responsibility and utilitarianism we can then see how reason is involved and used by placing them in the same scenario, thus find some evidence to why I agree with Wollstonecraft’s philosophy on morality.
Now the question is how will we be able to see if…

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