Moral Development : The Foundation Of Ethical Behavior Essay

997 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Moral development is believed to be the foundation of ethical behavior. Lawrence Kohlberg believed that moral development progressed through stages, similar to stages of child development. Although Kohlberg described moral development as occurring over a series stages, the stages are hierarchical and discontinuous. Kohlberg believed that moral development occurred over a series of six stages. The stages include punishment orientation, naive reward orientation, good girl/boy orientation, authority orientation, social contract orientation and individual principles and conscience orientation. One stage is also not similar to the other. Can these same beliefs be proven accurate through the stances and beliefs of the people during this year 's controversial election? In this year’s election, there was a large amount of controversy in regards to the many candidates. Each candidate had different stances and beliefs that were hoping would intrigue the citizens of the United States of America. The two candidates that I will like to take into consideration and examine are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. These two particular candidates were different in a number of ways and took different stances on the most important topics of the country. Although they took different stances on the many controversial topics of this nation, I would like to compare and contrast their stances on marriage equality with Kohlberg’s stages of moral development in effort to explain reasoning behind the…

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