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"the Devils Wife" is a poem written by Carol Ann Duffy. The poem is written in first person, past tense narrative, The poem is a dramatic monologue from Myra Hindly's perspective of life in prison. the poem details Myra hindlys reflection on the crimes committed along with ian brady, known as the moors murders. Through the use of poetic techniques such as word choice, structure and imagery, Carol Ann Duffy creates a sinister atmosphere, the sinister atmosphere changes as the poem progresses and also as hindlys life progresses.

the stucture of the poem is a dramamatic monologue written by Carol Ann Duffy, however we can not fully trust what the narrator is saying as it is not from Myra Hindly herself. the sinister atmosphere is created
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"looking at playground, fairgrounds" Hindly and Brady would stalk places where children would be found and search for their next victim. this is extremely unsettling and chilling for the reader. Myra Hindly was implicit in their murder scheme. "id walk around on my own. he tailed." Myra Hindly is admitting her own guilt and is admitting that she was just as evil as Ian Brady. the description that Duffy writes about the vulgar things Hindly and Brady committed is what creates the sinister atmosphere and the very distressing feeling.

the atmosphere is continued to be sinister when we see the physical description of Myra Hindly. "tongue of stone" "two black slates for eyes" "thumped wound of a mouth." this describes further the violence in Hindly and Bradys relationship. "tounge of stone" suggests to the reader that Brady is so controlling of Hindly and he doesnt allow her to speak, and perhaps she is beaten to be kept quiet. "two black slates for eyes" show she has black, evil eyes, she is emotionless and possibly she has fear of the child seeing her. "thumped wound of a mouth" this also indicates that Hindly was beaten by Brady to be kept quiet. the title of verse two "medusa" links back to Hindlys "slates for eyes" and it also links forward to the description of her "medusa stare" the literal meaning of 'medusa' is an evil woman who turns people to stone with her evil eyes, Carol Ann Duffy is suggesting throughout

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