Monroe 's Motivated Sequence Organization Pattern Essay

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Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Organization Pattern: Template
Presentation Title: Too Much Technology
Topic: Technology Dependence
Purpose: To persuade students to be aware of the side effects of using too much technology.
Thesis statement: In the world today we are surrounded by technology, whether it be a computer at home, a cell phone, or even a just a television. As the amount of technology increases, so does the amount of time spent by the average American. We currently spend a large amount of time on these different devices causing our socialization and activity levels to drop with the only clear solution being to put down our technology or get off the couch and change the habits that the world has helped us to create.
I. Attention/Introduction:
A. Attention getter: During the dinner skit, we will demonstrate how, even at the dinner table, individual are unable to limit the time they spend on technology. As the parents and grandparent are summarizing their days, the children are unresponsive and are unwilling to answer. The parents begin to get overwhelmed and threaten to take away their devices. As soon as the threat is made, the children are quick to put away their devices and become defensive.
B. Orientation: an introduction to the topic, tone, and speaker
1. Self-introduction: Well young ones, my name is Maliik Hanson and I will represent the grandpa today in our presentation. In my day, I would have to write a letter to send a love note, and this generation can…

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