Monitoring Surveillance And Implement Multidimensional Strategy

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The aim is to conduct surveillance and implement multidimensional strategy to prevent CAUTI. The proposed INCC multidimensional strategy included implementation of practice bundle which includes training on insertion technique, catheter management, and removal. The plan is to only insert urinary catheters only when needed, and remove them when not needed as well as main unobstructed urine flow along with other interventions such as hand hygiene, education, and outcome and process surveillance of CAUTI. The article reported that there has been evidences that the preventative efforts are successful according to the INCC member hospital feedback even in countries with limited resources. The use of practice bundle seem to be effective in preventing CAUTI through education, surveillance, quick removal of catheter when no longer needed.
Mladenović, J., Veljović, M., Udovicić, I., Lazić, S., Segrt, Z., Ristić, P., & Suljagić, V. (2015). Catheter-associated urinary tract infection in a surgical intensive care unit. Vojnosanitetski Pregled, 72(10), 883-888.
This article addresses the incidences of CAUTI in patients in surgical intensive care units (SICU) also as higher than in other patients. Since most of the patients in regular ICU often need urinary catheter, the possibility of the SICU patient to develop CAUTI is higher. The article suggested considering other existing nosocomial infection before planning CAUTI prevention strategies in these types of settings. Patients with…

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