Suprapubic Catheter Legage Bag

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The PSI is a cover for the catheter stand used in hospital and shorts with suspensor pocket for suprapubic catheter leg bag that will not restrict movement when attached. The proposed innovation is chosen to improve the use of urinary catheterisation that will enable nurses and other healthcare professionals to maintain patient dignity, respect their right to privacy and confidentiality in managing urinary incontinence in all aspects of care as (NMC, 2015). More so, it will minimise the embarrassment patients’ feel due to lack of concealment of the drainage bag, when they see their urine in the bag is undignified; patients feeling embarrass when the drainage bag is empty by staff of the opposite sex (Stone et al 2007). The material used for the PSI can also prevent infection control due to the water resistance, reusable after cleaning with soap and water, disinfectant or sterile wipes, air dried and easy to store in the sluice room. …show more content…
The leg drainage bag will be supported with a shorts suspensor pocket which has an elastic band for greater adjustment comfort without contacting the skin and assist to immobilise when the catheter leg bag is attached, it will prevent the catheter from falling and making less difficult to change, reduce urinary leakage and potential blockage to the bladder neck and urethra, which is appropriate to use for both men and women (Eastwood

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