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The Reduction and Prevention of Catheter Acquired Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI)
CAUTI or catheter acquired urinary tract infections place an especially heavy burden on today’s health care system. CAUTI increase patient complications and extend admission time while reducing the health care institutions income because the care provided for CAUTI is no longer reimbursable. This means that the health care institution owns that CAUTI and all of its associated cost to care for it. This paper will compare intermittent catheterization with indwelling Foley use and explore evidence based practice criteria for catheter use.
Literature Review
The research for this paper was conducted using CINAHL and the keywords CAUTI, intermittent catheterization and Foley catheter. Search specifications were evidence based practice articles and nurse as primary author.
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(2015) On the road to zero CAUTIs: Reducing urinary-catheter device days explores a quality improvement initiative enacted to reduce CAUTI at a 140 bed community medical center. It encompassed bladder scanning, electronic notifications if catheter placement exceeds 48 hours, alignment of nursing documentation with intervention bundle documentation, staff education and daily interdisciplinary review of catheters in use.
Herter, R, Kazer, M (2010) Best Practices in Urinary Catheter Care addresses methods, indications for, potential complications and management of catheters.
Finan, D (2012) Improving Patient Outcomes: Reducing the Risk of CAUTIs outlines health care cost and lack of reimbursement for CAUTI, guidelines to decrease CAUTI as well as a sample policy outline for prevention and

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