Essay about Monitoring Community Health Status Of A Community

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Monitoring community health status: Monitoring of the health status of a community is important in the identification of the community health problems that require urgent attention. It involves a critical analysis of the public health state of an organization to determine whether there is any problem that is affecting a section or large population in the community before embarking on a mission to solve it (.........................). For instance, conducting the health status monitoring helps the Acute Care Hospital in San Bernardino to identify the problem of fall among the elderly especially among hospitalized patients as a health aspect that need to be investigated. Diagnosis of the health problem: The diagnosis and investigation of the health problem as well as the hazards that may interfere with the health of various members of the community. In this case the fall among elderly people of 65 and older is a health hazard that must be addressed to minimise the injuries and deaths experienced as a result of falls. The problem investigation focuses on a wide range of problems and then narrowing down to the community problem that needs urgent attention. Informing concerned or affected people: Inform the people concerned or affected by the problem and then educate them on how to solve it. Empowerment of the community members at this stage will be important since it will create a sustainable solution to the problem identified (.....................). On this aspect, the…

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