Module A - Joyeux Noel + Christmas Truce Essay

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Module A- Comparative Essay

Comparative essays serve to enhance the understanding of the themes, values and ideas represented in texts, by examining their different mediums, contextual values and purposes. Christian Carrion’s feature film Joyeux Noel, and Nic Young’s documentary, The Christmas Truce, are both 21st century filmic responses to a 20th century event. The similar values of the texts are showcased through different forms, and techniques. QUESTION. Carrion has created a sanitizing version of the Truce, QUESTION, through the gripping use of characterization and film techniques.

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Through visual and textual techniques, Carrion has conveyed the camaraderie between the soldiers and
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In contrast to the sanitizing effect of the feature film, this creates a realistic interpretation of the event, minimizing the sense of hope. The opening shot of the hand stuck in a wire in no man’s land, foreshadows the fate of these soldiers. This scene is juxtaposed against the handshake over the wire, representing that humanity breaking down the physical barriers of war. Equality is achieved through long shots of the fraternizing men. The exchange of photographs of wives and children highlights the commonality between these men. Multiple shots of men singing the same carol yet in a different language, emphasizes that war and enmity has been overridden by the fellowship and Christmas. However, the bitter narration ‘business as usual’ conveys the realistic purpose of the suffering of these men, money and power.

By using characterization, Carrion enhances the viewer’s emotional response and understanding of the event. Parallels can be drawn to the documentary in the ‘Abandon’ scene, however Carrion has used this scene to develop the character of the priest and therefore increasing the viewers emotional connection and response. This scene displays his compassion and bravery and highlights his use of religion as a tool for peace. Extreme close ups of the French soldiers in the ‘Interaction’ scene, convey the petrified emotions of these soldiers. These shots exemplify the individuality of these men and position the viewer to perceive them as normal as

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