Modified Organisms And Epigenetics : How Today 's Processed Foods Epically Change Your Dna Function

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Gentically Modified Organisms and Epigenetics: How Today’s Processed Foods Epically Change Your DNA Function
When the video of “pink slime” or also known as ammonia that the McDonalds’ chicken nuggets were made out on the internet came out, Americans started to be concrnerned more about what they were consuming, however; knowing what your food is made with is so hard just because we do not like reding what our food is prepared with. Most modified foods are modified in order to make them last longer and more appetizing. Genetically modified foods are great, until you find out the ugly truth about them. Genetically modified foods often times cause various DNA malfunctions. This paper will be discussing how epigenetics affects you in your daily life by what you ingest. It will also discuss how epigenetics changes gene function through genetically modified organisms, and what links genetically modified foods and epigenetics with disease, then will conclude with restating how important it is for us stay away from genetically modified foods and why.
First, let’s define terms such as GMOs ,epigenetics,and genomes, in order to get familiar with what they do and why they are so important. GMOs or genetically modified organisms are difined as, “[is] any organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques”(Wikipedia). This process happens in the food industry when food is being preserved or artificially flavored. Epigenetics is in the simplest term,…

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