How Can Yoga Improve Your Health?

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Modern yoga in the West are generally thought of as physical exercises meant to build strength and flexibility. Yoga generally play a very important role in improving both the physical and the mental health of the body. According to Andrews (2016), yoga can make you healthier in the following ways: It may help reverse heart disease when combined with a low-fat plant-based diet and aerobic exercise, and it can relieve pain, and improve balance and flexibility. Yoga interventions are effective for alleviating symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain (Andrews, 2016). Yoga is also effective in relieving stress and improving mood and has long been used for that purpose. For example, women undergoing cancer treatment find yoga to be helpful for mood and controlling stress levels. For those in prison, the meditation aspect …show more content…
Yoga may help control anxiety (Andrews, 2016). It may also indirectly improve nutrition when it is used to conquer stress since some people overeat due to stress. (Andrews, 2016). Yoga can also help in controlling disordered eating and weight. It may also be useful for alleviating menopause symptoms. The exercises in yoga can also help increase lymph drainage. Yoga according to Andrews (2016), may also stimulate the vagus nerve, and this can decrease seizure frequency in cases of epilepsy.
For the best benefit however, yoga goes together with healthy nutrition. Poor diet result in people being fat from eating too many calories but under nourished from not eating nutrients (Ashtanga, 2016). Yoga diet principles according to Vyayam (2016), play an important part in getting full benefits from the yoga practice because food is what builds up our body. The quality and type of food we eat directly affects our physical as well as mental health and therefore in order to look good and feel good, we must eat healthy. According to Desai (1990), nutrition plays a central role in yoga

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