Essay about Modern Technology Is Ruining Childhood

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Modern Technology is Ruining Childhood Ellen DeGenres once said, “I’m so thankful my childhood was filled with imagination and bruises from playing outside, instead of apps and how many likes you can get on a picture.” As a kid, a child should be playing and being creative; not worrying about electronic devices. Kids, using technology more, don’t understand what a real, fun childhood is like. A childhood should be having adventures inside and outside. A phone prevents children from going out and exploring the world on their own. In my generation, we had to create our own fun, but now fun is already created. Toys are no longer used because technology has taken over. Playgrounds are like modern day ghost towns, because everyone is inside. Our community is just a click away, instead of a walk down the street. Children are missing out on what is really enjoyable, during their time as a kid. Today, modern technology in our culture is adversely affecting children in this generation and will continue for generations to come. Over the years, children have become lazy. Children, using technology, think that it is the only way to have fun. The Telegraph stated, “Children as young as eight are spending more than seven hours a day absorbed in an ‘electronic life.” Being on technology that long becomes a problem, for the kids. When children spend their days on technology, they are missing valuable things in their lives. Youngsters need to be outside. Playgrounds used to be the…

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