Mobile Technology Essays

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Who would have thought ‘super information highway’ would go mobile. With the emergence of new technology and people desiring to have technology at their fingertips, mobile computing has changed the way we interact with the world around us. While mobile technology provides the convenience of high availability and connectivity, these conveniences have also increased mobile device vulnerability to malicious attacks and threats. Many companies are providing mobile devices to employees in order to conduct business away from the office. This has proven to be major headache for IT professionals. Normally, IT professionals control network activity through vulnerability assessments, scans, audits, and security patches; unfortunately, the …show more content…
By creating such policy, companies establish framework for applying practices, tools, and training to assist in supporting the security of wireless networks.

Vulnerabilities due to the introduction of mobile devices and wireless networking are a real threat for numerous reasons. Mobile devices that do not have passwords enabled or require two-way authentication leaves data stored on the device vulnerable to unauthorized access should the device be lost or stolen. Remotely disabling a device should it become lost or stolen can alleviate this vulnerability. Also, once a mobile device is in an employee’s possession, the employee tends to treat the device as his personal device and may download unauthorized software or applications. Because the device does not come with preinstalled security software, there is no mechanism to determine if malware is being download with a free application. Free does not equate safe.

In the overall realm of IT, the biggest threat to any company or organization may not be from an outside source but from within. Whether it is intentional or unintentional employees are truly the biggest security risk. Whether it is innocently clicking on a link in an email or divulging personal identifiable information, employees must be made aware of their role and responsibility in IT security. For this reason alone it is essential that companies/organizations

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