Mobile Security And Privacy: The Security Problem Of Smartphone

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Security Problem of Smartphone
Chenshuai (Ken) Zhou
Georgian College

As the development of mobile Internet, the users gradually pay close attention to privacy. Thus the security of mobile phone becomes an essential guarantee of operating system. However, the system manufacturers are able to be a privacy stealer. The Android operating system, which claims the maximum worldwide market share, is not sufficiently strict for apps download method. Therefore, it is necessary to acknowledge where the probable hazard comes from, and how to protect data and privacy in the smartphone.

1. Reason 1.1 Malicious software 1.2 Software Vulnerability 1.3 Wi-Fi attack
2. Major Effect
2.1 Internet fraud
3. Solution 3.1 Security software 3.2 User awareness
4. Conclusion

The malicious software (Malware)
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